The speed riding mixes  skiing and flying .  “Off pistes” we go down snow slopes with a pair of skis,   harness, and a small chute ( 10 to 15 m2), combining  flying and riding on skis.

… we propose !

During winter, we propose  beginners sessions to learn speed-riding.

You can discover the basics of speed riding ,and  you will ride between air and snow with this simple and wonderful  flying object.



Who:  you never practice speed-riding before.  You are good  skier, minimum   Class 3 on skis.  You are able to go donw easily a red unprepared ski slope
Goal : learning  how to launch a speed riding sail to make your first small run
On a training slope : preparing the chute-ground handling- First Take off- Landings-Riding.

2-Advance course

Who: you did some  big “Runs”
Goal : autonomy on a speed riding site
“Runs” in diferents confitions to increase your autonomy  according to the FFVL speed riding progression.

More informations

The price does not include  :
– the skipass
– the specific insurance of the FFVL

Level : good skier  (minivel level 3 ESF)
Coach :  Paragliding Instructor with a speed -riding qualification
Price : 130 € /personn

Private lesson on appointment 2h30  on morning (maximum:3 persons )
Insurance FFVL : air liability obligatory (7 €  for one day).