Paragliding tandem flight

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Every one can try if you would like to do it.

From 6 yeas old, kids can fly paragliding with an insctructor.  The parents will decide for their kids if thay want them to fly.
The flight must be in calms aeroligics conditions ( almost no wind).

The notion of vertigo (the fear of falling) only comes into play when you can follow a visual line of flight (cliff, ladder, ski lifts, etc.). In flight, you move constantly, you are attached to the paraglider, and therefore do not have this dizzying sensation

If you are skier, you need to come with your skis. you will launch on skis. you do’nt need to be a good skier. A beginner can take off with skis. The passenger slide in the slope, holding the insctructor, and taking off gently.

The passenger mus run about 20 m on snow, and run a bit at the landing.

Sportswear, windbreaker, sunglasses, walkingshoes .

If the weather does not allow to fly, the booking is reported or cancelled.  The cancelled flight will be refund.
Don’t hesitate to contact us  for your appointment, if you think the weather looks bad.

The instructor insurance covers you. It covers to complete the social security and your mutual health.
Details of the insurance on  www.ffvl.fr.